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raul sebazcoDr. Raul Sebazco is an Economist, a former Employment and Training Specialist for the Federal Program Labor Certification/PERM at the Department of Labor in Tallahassee Florida and a State Assessor of all Florida attorney offices and Representatives.

Labor Certification Program / PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) is a Federal Program that has existed in the United States for almost 70 years. Dr. Sebazco is a pioneer that has made a difference with over 25 years of experience spreading his knowledge worldwide.

This Federal Program was created by the American Government in order to facilitate national employers looking to hire permanently, professionals or nonprofessionals from any country after its proven that the alien will not affect the job of a local worker; that the alien will work with the same conditions of a local worker and that the employer will not affect the wages of the area.

In essence, this Federal Program is the first step in the process of applying for employment-based lawful Permanent Residency in United States for the alien and their family.

Green Card USA por Empleo, inc. is also offering complete training for this international and nationwide Federal Program to attorneys and associates, institutions, universities, and paralegals. Contact us for further information.

The training will be effective at your work site or place of your interest no matter what country or State upon to your previous coordination and payment with our Corporation and available schedule.

Green Card USA por Empleo, Inc.
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  • Dr. Raul Sebazco, Economist and former Employment and Training Specialist for the Federal Program Labor Certification / PERM at Department of Labor in Tallahassee State of Florida. Assessor of all the lawyer’s offices and representatives in Florida with more than 20 years of experience, that make the difference.
  • The pioneer of spreading to the world the benefits of this Federal Program for employers in the North America territory and to foreign workers professionals or nonprofessionals who wants to work permanently in United States of America, with the possibility to obtain Permanent Residency with their families.
  • Former Medical Examiner for the Division of Disability, Department of Health in Tallahassee Florida.
  • Awarded 3 times by the OPI (organization of Iberoamerican Journalist) in 2003, 2005, and 2017 as Iberoamerican Personality of the Year due to his dedicated labor and help to immigrants in the world.
  • Awarded by the Organization of Human Conflicts due to his humanitarian labor.
  • American Eagle award in the 2015 by the magazine “Banca and Finanza” due to his labor and help to immigrants.
  • The organization of International Colombian Television in 2015 awarded Dr. Sebazco due to his community service to Inmigrants.
  • The Venezuelan Magazine “Conexions” awarded Dr. Sebazco “for been true brave fighter for the Hispanic Inmigrants in USA and true hope of the Inmigrants.
  • Awarded by 11 Universities in 2016 as Doctor Honoris Causa in Human Wrights due his high merit personal and professional and defense to Inmigrants by the following Universities: Logos International University from Miami, University Tifarity from Sahara Occidental, University Central from Venezuela, University Carlos III from Madrid, University from Alcala, University Autonoma from Madrid, University Politecnica of Madrid, University Nacional from Plata from Argentina, University from Jaen, University from Zaragoza and University from Huelva.
  • 2017 At UNESCO in Paris, France,  awarded  Dr. Sebazco due to his Humanitarian Labor to Inmigrants.
  • 2018 The Bicentenary University from Venezuela and Global University of Florida awarded Dr. Sebazco with the Graduation of Doctor Honors Causa due his Defense help to Inmigrants of the world.
  • The Panama International Cinematographic Festival in 2019, awarded Dr. Sebazco due to his Contribution to the Arts.
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Green Card USA por Empleo, Inc.

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